Vacancy: postdoctoral position examining the role of developmental bias for evolution


Applications are open for a postdoctoral research position examining the role of developmental bias for evolution. The project is led by Prof Tobias Uller and the researcher will work in the evolutionary ecology group at the Department of Biology, Lund University.


This project will use meta-analytical approaches to address how wide spread developmental bias is, its phylogenetic distribution, and if the patterns of developmental bias are concordant with adaptive diversification. The research is primarily based on collection of data from the primary literature, but may also involve other sources, such as museum collections, and mathematical and statistical modelling. The position will provide the opportunity to explore evolutionary developmental biology and develop skills in meta-analysis, phylogenetic comparative methods, and evolutionary theory.


For further information and applications contact [email address=”” name=”Prof Tobias Uller”] and refer to the University recruitment portal.