The EES in popular media: 2016


The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES) research project was featured in a number of popular science articles throughout 2016. These articles are just part of the lively and constructive discussion surrounding the EES, which is an important part of advancing science. We are delighted with this attention, as is important that the scientific process and resulting findings are made available to non-specialist audiences and the general public in easily understandable terms.


Among the most widely distributed coverage were four articles on the need for an EES in popular online science magazines:


Scientists seek to update evolution

Carl Zimmer

Quanta Magazine, 22 November

(also featured in The Atlantic, 28 November)


The world’s top biologists have met to discuss whether we should update evolution

Fiona MacDonald

Science Alert, 28 November


Is it time for our understanding of evolution to evolve?

Patrick J Kiger

How Stuff Works, 13 December


Is there a role for intelligence in evolution?

Kevin Laland

Big Questions Online, 27 December


In addition, project leader Kevin Laland and local coordinator Richard Watson both authored articles in New Scientist:


Evolution evolves: Beyond the selfish gene

Kevin Laland, 21 September


Nature’s brain: A radical new view of evolution

Richard Watson, 22 March