Sixth EvoDemoSoc Annual Meeting

10-12 January 2019


The Evolutionary Demography Society, founded in 2013, is a scientific organization that is focused on conceptual integration across disciplines, most notably human demography and evolutionary biology (but also ecology, sociology, anthropology, epidemiology, public health). Plenary speakers at the Sixth EvoDemoSoc Annual Meeting include: Elisabetta Barbi, ​Yngvild Vindenes, Emily Bruns, Luke Eberhart-Phillips, S. Tuljapurkar, James R. Carey, Ulrich Steiner, Deborah A. Roach, Susan Kalisz, Takenori Takada, Shayna Bernstein, Lotte de Vries, Rebecca Sear, Ron Bassar, and Susanne Schindler.


Location: Miami, Florida, USA
More information and registration: conference website