Niche Construction: a new resource website


We have just launched a new resource website on niche construction and niche construction theory:


This website was developed in the hope that it will prove a valuable resource for the community of academics, students and other individuals interested in the topic of niche construction. The website is designed to provide an accessible introduction to the subject of niche construction, explaining what it is, and how it is being used across multiple academic fields.


There are so many published articles on niche construction now that we cannot possibly feature them all. Please forgive us if we have not mentioned your favourite study. Designing and producing the content for this website has been a huge undertaking, and the website is already far more content rich that most comparable sites. Nonetheless, if you do detect an egregious omission please don’t hesitate to let us know, and maybe we will be able to incorporate it.


If you have recently written on niche construction, tell us about your work, and we will try to tweet about it from @EES_update. Our hope is that a flavour of what is genuinely exciting about niche construction comes across in the website’s pages, that it starts to become widely used, and eventually becomes cherished by the community.


Kevin Laland and Lynn Chiu

May 2020