New trends in evolutionary biology: biological, philosophical and social science perspectives

Royal Society discussion meeting organized in partnership with the British Academy
7-9 November 2016, London, UK


Recordings are presented in the order of the meeting program.


7 November 2016

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The extended evolutionary synthesis
Gerd Müller, University of Vienna



The evolutionary synthesis today: extend or amend?
Douglas Futuyma, Stony Brook University



Developmental plasticity: re-conceiving the genotype
Sonia Sultan, Wesleyan University



Evolution of phenotypic plasticity
Russell Lande, Norwegian University of Science and Technology



Heredity and evolutionary theory
Tobias Uller, Lund University



The ontology of evolutionary process
John Dupré, University of Exeter



Does the way in which development works bias the paths taken by evolution?
Paul Brakefield, University of Cambridge



The middle ground between artificial and natural selection: niche construction as developmental bias
Kevin Laland, University of St Andrews





8 November 2016

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Biological action in Read-Write genome evolution
James Shapiro, University of Chicago



Genetic, epigenetic and exogenetic information in development and evolution
Paul Griffiths, The University of Sydney



The role of epigenetic inheritance in evolution
Eva Jablonka, Tel Aviv University



Extended genomes: symbiosis and evolution
Greg Hurst, University of Liverpool



Evolution viewed from medicine and physiology
Denis Noble, University of Oxford



Anthropomorphism in evolutionary biology
Andy Gardner, University of St Andrews



Adaptability and evolution
Sir Patrick Bateson, University of Cambridge





9 November 2016

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Evolution and the metaphor of agency
Samir Okasha, University of Bristol



Developmental niche construction
Karola Stotz, Macquarie University



Human nature, human culture: the case of cultural evolution
Tim Lewens, University of Cambridge



Human niche, human behaviour, human nature
Agustín Fuentes, University of Notre Dame



A second inheritance system: the extension of biology through culture
Andrew Whiten, University of St Andrews



Human evolution, niche construction and plasticity
Susan Antón, New York University



Domestication: a model system for evolutionary biology
Melinda Zeder, Smithsonian Institution