Lynn Chiu begins as media and communications officer


We are delighted to welcome Lynn Chiu who begins today as the new media and communications officer for the EES research program.


As a philosopher of biology and a communications consultant for interdisciplinary groups and institutes, Lynn is very well qualified for the role. An active and innovative researcher, Lynn’s investigations concern the conceptual roles of niche construction and developmental scaffolding in evolutionary theorizing. She has especially focused on the significance of these processes in the evolution and immunity of the host-microbiota “holobiont.”


Lynn believes in the power of communications to reach across disciplines and grow collaborative communities. She is the founder and co-leader of the Philosophy of Science Communication Network, a community dedicated to the scholarship, mentorship, and practice of science communication from a philosophical point of view. She will take over from Katrina in writing blogs and tweeting about the research that continues to emerge from the project and beyond.


We look forward to working with her to communicate and promote exciting science.


Lynn can be contacted by email at


Kevin Laland & Tobias Uller