EES Workshop 3: Directional biases in evolution

14-16 November 2018


The aim of this workshop is to reflect anew on the processes that give phenotypic evolution directionality. Traditionally, only natural selection was granted a creative role in evolution. However, changing concepts of development, and of the interaction between organism and environment, are increasingly leading researchers to consider a broader range of processes as potentially imposing directionality on evolution, including the evolution of adaptations.


Key foci for the workshop will be developmental bias, niche construction, and the role of plasticity in generating these biases. The workshop will be informed by key theoretical and experimental studies conducted within the wider research programme. Participants will contribute to an edited volume on this topic.


Location: SFI, Sante Fe, USA
Organizers: Kevin Laland, Tobias Uller, Marcus Feldman & Michael Lachmann
More information: workshop website