Conference registration now open: Evolution Evolving


We are hosting an international conference in Cambridge UK, 1-4 April 2019, as a grand finale of the John Templeton Foundation grant supporting this research program. The Evolution Evolving: Process, Mechanism and Theory conference will focus on emerging themes in the relationship between development and evolution. Topics include the evolutionary causes and consequences of developmental bias, plasticity, niche construction and extra-genetic inheritance – all of which contribute to an understanding of evolvability. The conference will feature a balanced program of talks and poster sessions spanning three days, and be a mix of empirical and theoretical work, as well as contributions to the history and philosophy of evolutionary biology.


The organizing committee of Paul Brakefield, Kevin Laland, Tobias Uller, Katrina Falkenberg & Andrew Buskell are happy to announce that registration is now open and invite you to submit an abstract for consideration.


Abstract deadline: 1 December 2018
Early bird registration deadline: 4 January 2019
More information: conference website