Cause and Process in Evolution workshop


On 11-14 May 2017, approximately 35 evolutionary biologists and philosophers of biology met to discuss the nature of causation in evolution in the first of three EES-hosted workshops. The aim of the workshop was to initiate close interaction and exchange between philosophers of science and biologists, both within the research program and outside it, to reflect on the nature of causation in biological evolution. The EES has a different perspective on causation in evolution, and ascribes a greater range of processes evolutionary significance, than traditional perspectives. The workshop set out to scrutinize these claims, with both philosophers (acting as independent arbiters) and non-project members (including non-sympathizers) present to ensure good debate.


Three blog posts from Wim Hordijk, Jan Baedke and Massimo Pigliucci summarize the content of the workshop.


Workshop attendees were live tweeting throughout the talks under the hashtag #CAPIE2017.


The KLI in Klosterneuburg, Austria hosted the event and posted a great photo gallery.