Behaviour 2017

30 July – 4 August 2017


Behaviour 2017 is a joint meeting of the 35th International Ethological Conference (IEC) and the 2017 Summer Meeting of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB). Behaviour 2017 will gather international professionals, academia members and students from all fields of behavior research, such as behavioural ecology, neuroethology, behavioural endocrinology, behavioural genomics, animal cognition, evolutionary biology, human ethology, applied ethology, conservation ethology, animal welfare, modelling and many others. Registration is open.


The conference program will offer an opening keynote address from Frans de Waal and invited plenary talks from distinguished researchers including Sue Healy, Hanna Kokko, Sylvie Rétaux, Gene Robinson, Raghavendra Gadagkar and David Anderson, covering topics such as the comparative study of emotions, social evolution, behavioural genomics, animal cognition, evo devo of behavioural adaptations, and modeling behavior evolution. There will also be a program of symposia, and sessions of contributed talks and posters, which will enable all delegates to present their work.


Location: Estoril, Portugal
More information: conference website